360° Video of Crown Fire during a Prescribed Burn in the New Jersey Pine Barrens on March 27, 2019

360° video (CLICK AND DRAG CURSOR IN VIDEO TO CHANGE ORIENTATION) of a prescribed forest management fire in the New Jersey Conservation Foundation’s Franklin Parker Preserve in the New Jersey Pine Barrens conducted on March 27, 2019 by the U.S. Forest Service and New Jersey Forest Fire Service. This video shows a forest fire that spreads from treetop to treetop, called a crown fire. The video has been sped up as the fire approaches and leaves the field of view but plays in real time as the fire pass by the camera. The video was captured using a water-cooled glass enclosure developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to protect 360° cameras in fires. For more information and additional 360° fire videos visit https://www.nist.gov/el/fire-research-division-73300/national-fire-research-laboratory-73306/virtual-reality. The burn was performed in conjunction with work by researchers from the University of Edinburgh's Fire Safety Engineering program to study ember generation and transport.