Heroes of American Manufacturing: BrightView Technologies

BrightView Technologies, a client of the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP, part of the MEP National Network), is a leader in Visual Intelligence, delivering the highest-performing visual and optic solutions for advanced technology applications. They design, innovate and manufacturer micro lens arrays for use in a wide variety of applications –anything from LED lighting to high dynamic range displays to self-driving cars. BrightView felt the impacts of the pandemic early on because they deal with Asia. Since they had majority of the supplies and materials needed, they pivoted to make face shields. They had the resources to make Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) but didn’t know how to sell to or access entities that might need PPE, so they reached out to NCMEP. MEP to BrightView has always been the go-to resource when they didn’t know who else to call. What makes BrightView a hero of American manufacturing is the way they pivoted to help make PPE and to give their workforce a safe as environment to work in as possible. They are a company that’s in a unique position where they are manufacturing and exporting components that go into devices people use every day and are putting products into the supply chain in other parts of the world. This company is an example of how you can cost effectively manufacturer in the U.S. and export around the globe. BrightView Technologies makes the world a better place by being able to help customers realize their vision.<br>