<div class="content">Making the World a Better Place: Incorporating a Wikipedia Project Into the Classroom<br><br>Academics love to hate Wikipedia. Undergraduates are conditioned to avoid referencing it, with warnings that it is unreliable or false. Nonetheless, Wikipedia is highly indexed by Google and many people refer to Wikipedia entries before any other source of information. Improving Wikipedia articles with current, credible information is a small but meaningful way to make the world a better place. Editing a Wikipedia article requires students to evaluate information, synthesize classroom material and appropriate scholarly literature, and communicate for a general audience. Using tools provided by Wiki Education, we have collaborated for three years to incorporate a Wikipedia project into Epidemiology (ENPH 450). We will share bibliometric data to show the outcome of student contributions and survey data to assess students’ attitudes, and we will describe how the assignment has evolved.&nbsp;<br></div>