Critical Initiatives for Streamlined, Rapid, Iterative Acquisition Approaches (with Q&A)

<div><div><div><div><p><span class="wysiwyg-color-black">The Honorable Alan R. Shaffer, Deputy USD (A&amp;S) opened the 2019 Symposium with a keynote address in which he stressed the need&nbsp;for acquisition professionals to become more knowledgeable and innovative&nbsp;in data management, artificial intelligence,&nbsp;intellectual property, and agile methods so as to counter the growing&nbsp;capabilities of our potential adversaries.&nbsp;&nbsp;He also steered the audience in the&nbsp;direction of becoming very familiar with the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and its chief tenets:&nbsp; Increase Lethality, Strengthen Alliances, and Reform the DoD.&nbsp; Overall, the goal is&nbsp;to "go faster" - with speed of relevance - on&nbsp;implementing the NDS and DoD System Acquisition.&nbsp;</span></p></div></div></div></div>