DMSMS Management Best Practices and Lessons Learned SD-22 DoD DMSMS Guidebook 5.18.23

<p>Description:</p><p>The SD-22 DMSMS Management Guidebook provides best practices for implementing an effective Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) management program throughout a system's life cycle. A DMSMS issue is the loss, or impending loss, of manufacturers or suppliers of items, raw materials, or software. DMSMS management is a multidisciplinary process to identify and resolve issues resulting from obsolescence, loss of manufacturing sources, or material shortages.</p><p>The SD-22 identifies activities associated with the six steps of DMSMS operations: Prepare, Identify, Assess, Analyze, Implement, and Strategize. Our panel will focus on these steps and provide insights into leveraging the SD-22 for DMSMS practitioners—this includes contracting for DMSMS management, developing DMSMS workforce competencies, programming and budgeting for DMSMS management operations, and many more.</p><p>&nbsp;This panel of DMSMS experts has been assembled from across DoD and Industry to highlight the role of the SD-22 in a robust DMSMS management program.</p><p><br></p>