Let's Talk Agile Webinar Moving at Warp Speed with Hangar 18 20230906

<span>Hangar 18 is an organic software factory for the Air Force.&nbsp; It was born from a need to create an Agile approach to help the Air and Space Force communities in efficiency and deliverables in a cost-effective way. Hangar 18 prides themselves on understanding needs and moving projects forward at warp speed. &nbsp;<br></span><br>Avolve was developed by Hangar 18 using a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) model with two-week sprints and multiple stakeholders. The code is 100% government created/owned and hosted on Platform One. It’s a content sharing platform and anyone behind a secure CAC authenticated firewall can contribute knowledge.&nbsp; It takes the idea of community of practice to a new level! Avolve is an ongoing research application exploring the area of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining supporting skills development of many Airmen asynchronously, provides the technical means for rapid unit-level skills education, hosts capability for war gaming &amp; simulation documentation, and will aid in digital badging &amp; micro-credentialing for the United States Air Force (USAF) and Department of Defense (DOD).<br><p>Come join Lt Col Robert Larkin as he shares best practices and lessons learned from the AFIT and AFRL Agile success story with Hangar 18’s Avolve.</p>