Too few! Expand results 3 ways - FVTC Library (0:51)

<p>If you don't want to miss out on some articles, just because you're using different terms than the author… It's good to use <b>synonyms.</b> When you use synonyms and the OR operator, you will get more results because some authors don't use the same terminology.</p> <p>Another expander is the <b>asterisk character&nbsp; [*]</b> . When you use that [*] at the end of a word root, it searches all the different endings.</p> <p>Another way to expand your search is to use the <b>smart text searching</b> in advanced search. You can also search using applied related words and also equivalent subjects.</p> <p><b>&nbsp;If you have questions, ask a librarian.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </b></p>