Find article and send it to email (3:17)

<div><div><div><div><p><b>Transcript: </b>[When] you come to our library website, you see the notice of cookies, you click. Okay.</p> <p>[Next] you put in your search [terms] and then you search. And once you're in here, you'll want <b>to select peer-review</b>. And you'll want to <b>narrow down the years that you're searching</b>. And at this point you might find an article that you want to <b>send to your email</b>. </p> <p>Click on the document [title link]. And over on the right hand side, in addition to citing or cite suggestions, you can email the document. </p> <p>Just briefly want to point out that if you're going to share this article, you're going to select the permalink and that's going to be the URL up here, that's a permanent link. The link or the URL up here in the browser section that's called a dynamic link and it only works once. So<b>, if you want to share this, you must use the permanent link</b>. </p> <p>The citation suggestions are great because they show you, they suggest how you should cite that particular article. You will need to ask your teacher if this is good enough or if you need to check it with a current style manual. Remember, only one style per paper. </p> <p>So let's go ahead and email this article. And so I'm going to take [the title]. <b>The subject for my email is going to be the title of the paper.</b> Put that [title] into subject. And then I'm going to email it to myself. And this email, it's my student email.</p> <p>&nbsp;When you log into your <b>email,</b> you use your <b>student ID</b> That's&nbsp; also what the <b>photocopier</b> sends scans too, and the student ID is <b>also what you use to log into the library databases</b>. </p> <p>So, we're going to send that [document] and continue. So, now let's go look at our email. Now, <b>sometimes the email will be sent to your junk mail</b>. And so what you want to do then is you want to, first of all, you want to <b>let them [your email filters] know that this is not [junk].</b> Papers and emails from the library are not junk. So I'll go ahead and do that, and we'll look at it in the email box. </p> <p>Now at this point, you're going to open up the detailed record and it has the information about it and a persistent link, and this is the permanent URL I was mentioning earlier. So, this allows you to get back to the document that you found in the EDS Ebsco search. </p></div></div></div></div>