Filter by Subject then NOT out different definition (1:16)

<div><div><div><div><p>When you do a search, you may find it very useful to use a limit called filter by subject.</p> <p>For example, if you did a search on pet therapy, if you scroll down the left-hand side and select show more, you can see what kind of tags is showing up with this search. Notice that <b>positron emission tomography is another definition for PET</b>. You can then <b>NOT</b> that out.</p> <p>So, you want pet therapy, NOT Positron Emission Tomography. You can also go back to the subject filter by subject and <b>specifically select pet therapy</b>.</p> <p>Those are two ways that you can use limit by filter of subject to make your results more relevant.</p> <p>The pet therapy will then become part of the search. And when you <b>add scholarly journals and the date range</b> you want that will continue to reduce the number of results and make them more relevant.</p> <p><b>If you have questions, ask a librarian.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </b></p></div></div></div></div>