Limit to specific Database, like Films on Demand & FOD search (1:20)

<div><p>You can use EBSCO Discovery Service to limit by database. When you do a search, you can go to the Filter by Database at the base of the left-hand column of limits. And click Show More. </p> <p>&nbsp;You can then select Films On Demand. And that will pull up the videos that had the terms that you had placed in the search. And you can then click on the Films On Demand link to get to your video.</p> <p>&nbsp;Another way to get to Films On Demand or other databases is to select the Resources A-Z on our home page. Then when you get into the list of databases, you can scroll down to the A to Z resource of databases, to the database of interest.</p> <p>&nbsp;Once you're in Films On Demand and you can do a search in their basic search and then add filters. I recommend looking at the last five years. You can also go to an advanced search. In that case, make sure you only have one term in each field. If you have questions, ask a librarian.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p></div>