AND OR NOT Operators - FVTC Library (0:50)

<div><div><p><b>When using the advanced search is very useful to use the operators.</b></p> <p>For example, with <b>AND </b>between two terms, will get you only the items, that have <b>both</b> terms in your search. </p> <p>&nbsp;The <b>OR </b>search will pull up everything for both terms.</p> <p>&nbsp;The <b>NOT</b> search is useful when a word can have more than one definition. So, you can NOT out one of the definitions.</p> <ul><li>You can [use <b>AND</b> to] limit to items that have both terms.</li><li>You can expand to items that have either one term <b>OR</b> the other.</li><li> And you can use the <b>NOT</b> operator, to exclude some of your results.</li></ul> <p>&nbsp;<b>&nbsp;If you have questions, ask a librarian.&nbsp; &nbsp;</b></p></div></div>