Narrowing down results - FVTC Library (1:41)

<div><p><b>Transcript: </b>When you're doing a basic search, you can add your terms into the search box or click on the EBSCO Discovery Service. <b>Many times you will get more results than you want.</b> </p> <p>&nbsp;One way to narrow down the search is to <b>go from a keyword default search to a title search</b>, which only searches for the terms in the title field. You can see that we've gone from over a 100 thousand, it's down to about 7 thousand.</p> <p>&nbsp;The next thing you should do is <b>limit to peer-reviewed and last five years</b>. <b>You can then filter by subject</b>. I added in business ethics and social responsibility of business.</p> <p>&nbsp;Looks like I've gone too far and it's too narrow. But that's okay. You can make it more relevant search <b>by using the subject terms as it tag search</b>. If you click on the link to the article and get to the detailed record, you can see the subject terms. <b>If you do a tag search, for example, business ethics will become a tag search</b> or social responsibility of business can become a tag search.</p> <p>&nbsp;You'll get fewer items.</p> <p>&nbsp;<b>And then when you add peer-review and last five years with your filter by subject,</b> you end up with a reasonable number of articles to look through.</p> <p>&nbsp; If this is still not narrow enough and you want to do a more relevant, DE-scriptor search, I recommend going to Advanced Search. If you have questions, ask a librarian</p><br></div>