Searching with Subject tags (0:56)

<div><p>When you find a title of interest and click on it, you will get the detailed record.</p> <p><b>Inside the detailed record, you will see subject terms.</b> Those are tags that have been added by human reviewers. Those tags can also be used to create a search, either <b>descriptive</b> search, where you put the term or click on the term if it's hyperlinked to create a search. </p> <p>And in that case, you would have </p> <ul> <li>your descriptor searches</li> <li>add peer-reviewed journals</li> <li>narrow your date range </li> </ul> <p>to narrow down your search.</p> <p>Another descriptor search was a<b> mesh</b> term search, where you put the tag term between the quotes and do the search. </p> <p>This [tag search method] will get more relevant resources. </p> <p><b>If you have any questions, ask a librarian.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </b></p></div>