Center for Equity and Inclusion Animation

<div><div><div><span><p>A 30-second animated video used to promote the Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) created by the Department of Digital Arts. The video showcases the physical space on campus, located on the lower level of the&nbsp;Main Building, and highlights history and heritage month programming celebrated at Pratt. Credits: Storyboard by Jhariah Clare /// Character Animation and Design by Mark Behnam, Dain Jerred, and Nikki Sharma /// Backgrounds and Environments by Nikki Sharma and Jhariah Clare /// Compositing/VFX by Jhariah Clare /// Music: Virtually by Platynyx (Nikki Sharma) /// Special thanks to Tyler Cino Maradiaga, Jazmin Peralta, and Michael Enright /// Social media handles: Jhariah Clare&nbsp; @jhariahclare,&nbsp;Nikki Sharma @platynyx,&nbsp;Dain Jerred @megalobug, Mark Behnam @themarkbehnam</p><div><br><br></div></span></div></div></div>