GIFT 2023 Workshop - Rachel Boorsma - Partnering with Artificial Intelligence to Empower Digital Learning

<p>During this session, participants will be taken through an actual simulation used in practice that will demonstrate:</p> <ul><li>AI chat/natural language processors being used with learners, including the process used to conceptualize and implement the technology, as well as feedback gathered throughout the process.</li><li>How AI chat/natural language processors can provide numerous benefits in educational contexts, such as lower costs, increased psychological safety, increased access to experiences, and improved standardization of assessments.</li><li>A process by which they can begin to identify opportunities where AI chat/natural language processors could be implemented in their own program area/profession</li><li>Conceptualization of AI chat/natural language processors as a technology that can be leveraged to mimic interactions that learners encounter in a variety of program areas/professions both in place of or alongside traditional teaching and learning practices</li></ul>Zoom Recording ID: 96012986403 UUID: Zbh6+AnXQRaBGC1NMsyqaw== Meeting Time: 2023-10-11 12:40:16pmGMT<br>