GIFT 2023 Workshop - Marie McKeary - AI: Proceed with Caution

<p><span>We offer a reflective, critical, disability lens with which to view AI and its many applications. We hope to present some critical queries in an interactive (and hopefully fun) manner which ignites a conversation on the subject. Some of the many areas we hope to cover include: Barriers-creation and destruction; Accessibility lens; an acknowledgement that AI is not new but is ever-changing and very much embedded in our everyday lives; examine the benefits and ethical limitations for our cognitive skills and our enrollment as digital citizens; built in human bias of AI algorithms; finally, we hope to leave attendees with questions and a framework to answer those queries going forward. We are comfortable with using AI with caution, as it is also included in some of the assistive technology <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">tools</a> we currently offer students. For example, Grammarly, Google Voice Typing and Verbit. As the technology evolves, we hope to continue the discussion around guidelines for usage. Overall, keep in mind education is currently not a level playing field and our goal is to address the needs of all students, especially those who have registered with the ALS (Accessible Learning Services) office.</span></p>Zoom Recording ID: 96012986403 UUID: Zbh6+AnXQRaBGC1NMsyqaw== Meeting Time: 2023-10-11 12:40:16pmGMT