GIFT 2023 - Inara Scott Keynote - Rising to Meet the Challenge of Generative AI.

<p>Higher education is at a crossroads: we must either evolve to meet the challenge of generative AI, or quickly become irrelevant to our students and our society. We cannot meet this challenge by simply adapting our existing practices. Instead, we must think more deeply to ask: what content do students in an AI-assisted world need? How can we protect and prioritize human thinking? And, how can we be sure our students are obtaining mastery of our learning objectives when AI-assisted cheating is so hard to catch? In this dynamic keynote, I provide examples of an integrated approach to AI that addresses post-secondary education, discipline and individual class issues.</p><p>She will focus on three primary routes to meet the challenge of generative AI:</p><div><ol><li>Reimagining class content to focus on human skills.</li><li>Training faculty to redesign assignments and syllabi to avoid AI traps.</li><li>Teaching students how to demonstrate the value they bring to assignments, classrooms and the workplace.</li></ol></div><br>Zoom Recording ID: 96012986403 UUID: Zbh6+AnXQRaBGC1NMsyqaw== Meeting Time: 2023-10-11 12:40:16pmGMT